WGM Adam Couple EP 56 [ENG SUB]

EP 56
Part 1 Part 2

Credits: snjeung

Jo Kwon and Nichkhun to sing a duet for their ‘wives’ ^^

Fangirls of the ‘Khuntoria’ and ‘Adam’ couples, prepare to hold onto something. 2AM’s Jo Kwon and 2PM’s Nichkhun will perform a special ballad duet for their ‘wives’ on MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘!

According to the production crew, this duet is special in two ways. First, it’s the product of a dream the two wanted to fulfill from their JYPE training days. The second point lies in how Jo Kwon and Nichkhun were paired up with Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In and f(x)’s Victoria to live as virtual husband and wife. Consequently, their growth with their ‘wives’ introduced a different element to their original wish: a gentleman’s desire to make his ‘wife’ happy.

They might not have taken their roles seriously when they first started, but time spent together with their ‘wives’ allowed warm and sincere feelings to develop. This duet will allow the men to deliver those feelings, and to do it right, they’ve enlisted the aid of producer Ra.d, the “Master of Love Songs”. Ra.d is already familiar to Kwon and Khun, since he contributed the track, “I Can’t“, to 2PM’s album.

It sounds like the two have worked hard to prepare a special Christmas present for their wives. Their reactions to the gift from their husbands’ are highly anticipated by fans, especially since Ga-In is known to have flat reactions while Nichkhun is notorious at his clumsiness in events.

This episode will be aired on December 25th for the show’s Christmas special. Check back with allkpop for the wives’ reactions to the gift!

Credits: allkpop

WGM Adam Couple EP 55 [ENG SUB]

EP 55
Part 1 Part 2

Credits: snjeung

WGM Adam Couple EP 54 [ENG SUB]

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Credits: snjeung

WGM Adam Couple EP 36-53 [ENG SUB]

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Credits: snjeung

WGM Adam Couple EP 26-34 [ENG SUB]

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WGM Adam Couple EP 1-25 [ENG SUB]

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Credits: Time2Sub


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